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We are the future of trade fair construction; whether it be individual trade fair and event constructions for your company or agency or a smart system solutions as an exhibition company or event organiser. We accompany you not only from the first initial idea but also throughout the project management to the finished assembly for halls and outdoor areas. Your company is put in the spotlight with the professional help of 200 employees and a wealth of expertise. Our production line of 5000 m² with state-of-the-art CNC machines ensures high quality as well as delivery in time. It also gives us the ability to react to wishes and requests at a short notice. Our award-winning digital solutions, such as apps, content management systems as well as hardware, have become indispensable within the trade fair business.

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Lars Hoffmann
Head of Sales

Robby Palmér (Head of IT), Nina Gronemann (Head of Design), Sabine Müller (Team Leader Cologne), Hartmut Bunsen (Managing Director), Lars Hoffmann (Head of Sales), Raimo Bunsen (Managing Director), René Schneider (Head of System Stand Construction), Björn Duphorn (Managing Director), Jörg Fischer (Head of Purchasing), Dirk Knäbel (Head of Individual Construction), Tom Koza (Warehouse Manager) , Dorit Sieber (Head of Human Resource Development), David Oost (Branch Manager Düsseldorf)

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Sustainable Development Goals

The centrepiece of the agenda 2030 is a catalogue with 17 ambitious sustainable development goals (SDGs). For the first time, those 17 SDGs take all three dimensions of sustainability into consideration in equal parts. Those are the social, environmental and economic dimensions. Messeprojekt GmbH feels obliged to support these goals. Of course within the boundaries of what is possible and in close interaction with politics, economy as well as society. Therefore, within the framework of our portfolio management, we have analysed, which of those 17 sustainable development goals are especially relevant within our work and development as well how our skill sets can contribute to solutions to this social challenge in the future. We work continually to develop steps and measures within further SDGs as well.

  • Permanent employees in the developing country of the Ukraine get paid a wage above average
  • Company pension scheme
  • Inclusion
  • Support for "family friendly Leipzig"
  • Gender neutral, fair company policy
  • Wages above average industry standard on site
  • Compensation for overtime & bonus payments
  • Support for children's hospice "Bärenherz e.V." Leipzig
  • For employees: Annual health day (health check), back therapy training, annual flu shot free of charge
  • Health and safety officer, internal
  • Health and safety officer, external (DEKRA), including various trainings
  • German Red Cross (DRK) first aid courses for first responders DRK Leipzig
  • Photovoltaic plant at the headquarters in Leipzig
  • Wood waste incinerator plant for heat recycling
  • Development of software and application of digital technologies
  • Family-owned business for 27 years
  • Annually increase in revenue & personnel structure
  • Certified company "Sustainable Company"
  • Innovative app development
  • State-of-the-art production plant at our own carpentry
  • Cooperation with regional partners, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Support & sponsorship of regional small and medium-sized businesses
  • 200 permanent employees on fair wage
  • Regular recruitment of interns
  • Regional training company
  • Vocational training and supervision of dual courses of study
  • The carpentry's wood waste is used by our own incinerator plant for heat recycling
  • Exclusive use of reusable stand systems
  • Application of rented materials & material storage
  • Regular ISO certification 9001 & 14001
  • Regular certification "Sustainable Company"
  • Sustainability officer within the company
  • Selection of supplier by means of sustainability enquiries
  • Development of energy saving illuminants with LED technology as well as new stand system "Megawall"
  • Development of our own logistics app "ELFE"
  • Application of an extensive ERP systems
  • Business mobile phone, laptops and IPads for all relevant areas free of charge
  • Annual establishment of environmental and quality politics
  • Sustainable purchasing within the company
  • Use of certified eco paper
  • Use of certified paints and varnishes
  • Use of all materials according to EU NORM
  • Deployment of internal health and safety officer at the workplace
  • Annual Future Academy
  • Annual sustainability workshops
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions with the help of our photovoltaic plant
  • CO2 compensation of business trips with the help of "atmosfair"
  • Use of the search engine "Ecosia"
  • Annual Future Academy for all employees
  • Development of an annual sustainability strategy in order to reduce CO2 emissions within the company